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    Progressing Candidates



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    Progressing Candidates

    Post by Admin on Tue Aug 11, 2015 8:01 pm

    Three Ways to Progress Candidates through the Workflow

    As you move candidates through the Candidate Selection Workflow, there are three ways to get them from step to step.

    The Next Step Button

    This is the simplest way. View the candidates for a requisition. They will appear listed by their name and step and status. The button on the right indicates the next status or step. Simply click the button to progress the candidate forward.

    It is simple, but be cautious. The button does skip some statuses. If your candidate is at the beginning of a step, clicking the button will jump them to the end. For instance, if the candidate is “To Be Interviewed” and there are three interviews to be scheduled, clicking the button once will take the candidate past the statuses for each of the interviews to the end of the Interview step. This is truly the quickest way to progress a candidate, but it won’t capture all the details of the candidate process.

    Be careful, too, not to get too “click happy.” You’ll want to make sure you stop on the step and status you actually want for your candidates.

    The Checkmark

    Click on the candidate’s name in the list.

    The green checkmark toward the top of the screen has the same function as the Next Step button. It will progress a candidate to the final status in a step, so the same cautions above apply here as well. Using the checkmark allows you to make the decision to progress a candidate while examining their information in more detail.

    The red “no symbol” rejects a candidate. Use this if you want to reject a candidate.

    The Change Step/Status Dialog

    The final way to progress a candidate is to use the dialog. While you’ve selected a candidate, click the More Actions tab.

    Under “More Actions”, click Change Step/Status.

    The Change Step/Status dialog takes more time than the other options, but it allows you total control over the step and status of the candidate. The “New Step” and “New Status” dropdowns allow you to select where you would like to take the candidate; a candidate has to be in the final status of a step before they are allowed to progress to the next step. Clicking “Save and Continue” will progress the candidate and leave the dialog open for more actions. Clicking “Save and Close” will progress the candidate and close the dialog.

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