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This forum is for University of Oklahoma HR staff to work together to perfect our recruiting practices.

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    What To Do

    Post by Admin on Wed Aug 12, 2015 1:54 pm

    Welcome to the HR Recruiting Community! We're excited about moving forward with the organization's practices. Here is the process for how to use the website. As always, post below or email me if you have questions.

    1. Be your normal awesome self at your work. Nothing we do here will have any impact unless we are the best at what we do.

    2. Share your experiences. As we do our work, we gather experience that's valuable to share. Maybe you've encountered a serious problem that needs to be overcome. Maybe you've encountered a quirk that makes things a little inefficient. Maybe you've read something by a recruiting professional that's changed the way you see your work. Whatever it is, don't be afraid to share positive and negative experiences you've picked up.

    3. Team up to turn that experience into knowledge. Working in our assigned teams, we can take those shared experiences and turn them into processes and policies that other people can use. Work together to find the best way to overcome whatever problems we've found. Trim it down to simple steps. These become the documents that other people can use to make their work better every day.

    4. As we record new ideas, take time to compare them. Do you notice any patterns? Any threads tying these ideas together? It's possible that the answer to one problem is also the answer to another. It's possible that two processes can be combined into a new one that does even more good. Take time to reflect on our successes and how they can fit together into a coherent picture.

    5. Practice what we preach. The ideas we make together can make all of our work better. Take the time to implement them in what you do. This will lead to even more success later on.

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