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    Feeling Stuck?



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    Feeling Stuck?

    Post by Admin on Wed Aug 12, 2015 7:53 pm

    Here are some questions to consider if you find your collaboration isn't going anywhere.

    1. Are you stuck on a particular step of the process? Go back a step. Did you miss something?

    2. Cube it. (6 different points of view)

    a. What exactly is the problem?
    b. What other problem is it like or unlike?
    c. What does it make you think of?
    d. Is it one big problem, or is it a bunch of smaller problems together?
    e. What is the result of the problem?
    f. In an ideal world, what result would you like to see from this process?

    3. Try looking up the problem from another recruiting professional or organization. How did they approach the problem?

    4. If necessary, don't be afraid to set the subject aside for a couple of weeks. Focus on something similar. See if it sparks any ideas.

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